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Dick Durbin Troubled By Lovely Women In Jammies

Sheesh, Dickie, lighten up Senate Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) on Thursday night blasted for-profit colleges that he said don’t always provide quality education and can leave prospective students in debt. In particular, he criticized an advertisement saying you can get an education while staying at home in bed in your pajamas. “The ad […]

When Grist Says You Are Super Awesome, Maybe You Should Drop From GOP Race

Can anyone guess who Grist loves? Same Republican who many 9/11 Truthers love: Ron Paul From legalizing raw milk shipments to lifting the ban on hemp farming, congressman Ron Paul has championed some green-related causes, often from a libertarian angle. But it’s not all about not banning stuff. Ron Paul’s blog is also speaking out […]

If All You See…

…is an evil bacon burger that comes from cows and pigs that contribute to Climate Change, you might be a Warmist

ABC News Takes All The Fun Out Of The CDC’s Zombie Apocalypse

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the fun and light hearted CDC blog post about preparing for the zombie apocalypse. It is Zombie Awareness Month (which I totally forgot to blog about after they emailed me that link. Sorry!), after all. Here’s how Kim Carollo of ABC News treats it Will Budget Cuts Leave […]

How’d Obama’s Speech Do In Arab World?

We know how it was received in Israel and by Israeli supporters: both are pretty ticked off. Liberals tended to cheer the appearance of Obama supporting the Palestinians, because Liberals tend to support the violent actions of anyone attempting to kill Israeli civilians. But, what of the Arabs? How does “wariness and apathy” grab you? […]

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