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Al Qaeda In Yemen Makes Threats

So, as El Jefe plans on giving yet another speech to the Muslim world (after whacking Osama, launching a war of choice in Libya, ignoring most of the Arab uprisings…you know the ledger), Al Qaeda has a message A leader of the al Qaeda offshoot that U.S. officials have called the greatest threat to the […]

If All You Can See…

…is an evil commercial farm cow spewing unnamed greenhouse gases, you just might be a Warmist

Would You Be Shocked That Obama Used Bin Laden During A Fundraiser?

I’m guessing you are shocked, shocked! that Obama would do such a thing President Obama’s campaign speech has a new element: Osama bin Laden. Obama cited the successful mission against the now-deceased al Qaeda leader during a fundraising speech last night in Austin, Tex., his first political speech since bin Laden’s death. “We’re taking the […]

Students In NJ Finally Take Action On Climate Change!

Just kidding. They’re still out there marching and “spreading awareness” and doing nothing themselves: Students march in bid for action on climate change A small but enthusiastic clutch of Bergen Community College students carried homemade signs and chanted anti-pollution slogans as they marched from their Paramus campus to Ridgewood High School on Tuesday to raise […]

So, Obama Gave A Speech On Immigration: Just A Distraction?

Exactly what was the point of NotMyPresident Obama heading down to the border and giving a speech about “immigration reform”? Other than an excuse to be able to use Air Force 1 on “official business”, meaning he didn’t have to pay for the entire flight from campaign funds, as he was scheduled to attend several […]

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