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Memorial Day – If All You See…

…is the Red, White, And Blue, you just might be a Patriot (and a Warmist, too, because they hate the US for daring to use energy) a few more below the fold

This Memorial Day, Be Their Hero

My good blog-friend Carol, at No Sheeples Here, asks that today, Memorial Day, you can take some time to help our wonderful military folks Every Memorial Day, families and communities across the nation take time to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation. There are parades and picnics and concerts […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: GOPers Want To Make Illegal Immigration A Crime Crime

Via Hot Air and Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin’s site, we find the latest buffoonery from DNC chair Debs WS, who fails to notice that illegal immigrants are, you know, already committing a crime I think the president was clearly articulating that his position — the Democrats position — is that we need comprehensive immigration […]

Germany Announces Plans To Lead The Way Back To Third World Squalor

And they seem extremely excited about wanting to heavily reduce their available power and have nothing to replace it with Germany’s coalition government agreed early Monday to shut down all the country’s nuclear power plants by 2022, the environment minister said, making it the first major industrialized nation in the last quarter century to announce […]

Memorial Day Pinup

As we sit back on Memorial Day, gathering with friends, firing up the grill, let’s remember the sacrifice of all those members of the US military to provide us with this freedom. And when the wind in the tree-tops roared, The soldier asked from the deep dark grave: “Did the banner flutter then?” “Not so, […]

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