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About Obama’s 1967 Border Comment…

First there was the speech. Then there was the criticism for what seemed to be a case where Obama was calling for the Israeli pre-1967 lines to be reestablished. Then cooler heads like Ed Morrissey and Doug chimed in, throwing a bit of cold water on the kefuffle. Oh, and then the BBC chimed in […]

Today’s Climahypocrite: Jennifer Aniston

Via Big Hollywood Enter Jennifer Aniston, the former Friends star who has successfully transitioned from TV to motion picture fame and cares deeply about conservation. In her contribution to a 2007 book about “saving the planet one simple step at a time,” Aniston reveals she takes three-minute showers and brushes her teeth in the shower. […]

If All You See…

…is food that could have been used in place of evil fossil fuels, you might just be a Warmist

Is Nikki Haley The GOP’s 2012 Kingmaker?

Republican presidential contenders need to 1. not tick her off, 2. stay on her good side, and 3. stay out of her gunsights (oops, sorry, that was uncivil) Nikki Haley muscles up for 2012 Make way for Nikki Haley. With noted smackdowns of two top GOP 2012 contenders, a high-profile presence at the May 5 […]

Grist Wonders If Belief In The Climate Change (Hoax) Is Kiss Of Death For GOP Candidates

And their poster child for this is John Huntsman, who is known mostly for the media and Democrats saying he would be a formidable Obama opponent, while most Conservatives say “other than working for Obama, who the hell is he?” Is climate sanity the kiss of death for Republican presidential candidates? Even after backing away […]

5 Things To Watch For In Obama’s Mid-East Speech

That’s right, Obama is going to give another speech this morning at 11:40am, giving him plenty of time to get 18 holes in As the democracy movement now known as the Arab Spring hurtled across the Mideast earlier this year, President Barack Obama often tiptoed alongside history. His public statements tended to be cautious, his […]

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