5 Things To Watch For In Obama’s Mid-East Speech

That’s right, Obama is going to give another speech this morning at 11:40am, giving him plenty of time to get 18 holes in

As the democracy movement now known as the Arab Spring hurtled across the Mideast earlier this year, President Barack Obama often tiptoed alongside history. His public statements tended to be cautious, his oratorical flourishes minimal.

Tiptoed? Heck, he was often on a different route.

Now, more than four months after that historic unrest, Obama is planning a sweeping address laying out his vision for America’s role in the region. He will offer support for fledgling democratic movements and demand political freedom in countries where autocrats cling to power. White House aides previewing the speech said Obama also will note Osama bin Laden’s death and his hopes that the Al Qaeda leader’s removal — and the potential for new freedoms across the region — can divert some Muslims from terrorism and usher in a new era of peace and stability.

That should be interesting, considering how many in the Middle East support Osama Bin Laden. And how damned late the speech is. And that it is simply yet another speech with no plan behind it, no actions. Anyhow, the Politico tells us the 5 things we should watch for

  1. How many times will Obama reference himself, using the words “I”, “myself,” “me”, and other incarnations?
  2. Will he apologize to the Iranians who were part of the uprisings in 2009, who he totally blew off?
  3. Will he point out that America is just another nation in the world, nothing special, and that Arab nations can aspire to be just as unexceptional as we are?
  4. Will he apologize to the Arab world for America being big meanies for doing things in our national interest?
  5. Will he Blame Bush/Republicans?

Oh, sorry, my bad, that’s what I would listen for, were I going to actually listen to TOTUS feed Obama lines, instead of working. Here are Politico’s 5

How far on Syria will Obama go?

The White House on Wednesday announced a new round of sanctions aimed at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime, but some lawmakers who praised that move are calling for Obama to go even further.

“We also hope the President will use the opportunity of his speech … to talk in detail about the situation in Syria, and make clear that it is time for Assad to go,” Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said in a joint statement Wednesday.

Politico says that Obama is unlikely to go that far, because, hey, how’d that work out with Moamar Qaddafi?

How much will he say on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and how specific will he be?

Officials in many world capitals will be watching closely to see how much Obama says about the Arab-Israeli conflict — long the linchpin for U.S. policy in the region. U.S. Mideast peace envoy George Mitchell announced his resignation last week, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due at the White House Friday.

The Politico states that Obama will say little on the subject, because it doesn’t really help Obama politically to point out that he supports the violent and Islamist Palestinians.

Will Obama Unveil a Marshall Plan for the Arab world?

Earlier this week, former National Security Adviser and Mideast Envoy Jim Jones promoted the idea of a massive infusion of Western investment in the Mideast and North Africa to ensure that democratic movements in Egypt and elsewhere don’t stumble economically and risk slipping back into military rule or governments led by Islamic radicals.

That could happen, because there’s nothing more that Obama likes than to redistribute other people’s money. Of course, that would have to pass Congress, which will not happen, and neither Reid nor Boehner would appreciate Obama saying “we’re going to do X, you guys put the entire plan together. I’ve spoken.”

Will Obama lay out a uniform doctrine, or improvise?

Depends on what someone else wrote for him, and whether he can figure out a way that this helps Obama in getting re-elected. What Politico is referring to, actually, is the sharp contrast between starting a war in Libya, and blowing off the humanitarian abuses in Syria.

What’s next?

Golf? Another party at the White House? A continued messy situation in the Middle East? An administration that tends to avoid reprimanding Islamists who attack Israeli civilians? More ways to avoid getting involved till it is way, way to late? Isn’t this why Obama picked Biden, because foreign policy was his bailiwick?

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  2. gitarcarver says:

    Please don’t make me watch any speech by Obama or his teleprompter.

    I’ll read the text of the speech, but requiring someone to actually watch Obama is worse than waterboarding and has been condemned by the Geneva Accords as “torture upon civilians.” 😉

  3. captainfish says:

    Nothing new here.

    Give up.
    Suck up.
    Bus up (Israel).
    Throw up.

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