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Peaceful Indonesian Muslims Plan To Avenge Bin Laden

Hey, remember the days when the Left, including major media outlets and Democrat figures, whined about “Bush Created Terrorists” for daring to fight after 9/11? When will the chant about “Obama Created Terrorists” start? Scores of Indonesian youths vow to avenge bin Laden’s death Scores of Indonesian men rallied on Friday to publicly vow their […]

Nuclear Is Cheapest “Low Carbon” Alternative

Hey, climate alarmists, you always say we should listen to the experts Nuclear power will remain the cheapest way for the UK to grow its low-carbon energy supply for at least a decade, according to government advisers. They’re going to need it, since the cold winters (caused by ‘climate change’, due to someone not taking […]

If All You See…

…are modern implements for farming that belch out CO2, you might be a Warmist

Put Iran In The “Deather’s” Camp

They’re not buying the narrative Iran refuses to buy the U.S. version of eliminating the world’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin-Laden. The country’s Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said Iran has reliable information that Bin Laden died of illness long before the Operation Geronimo on May 1. “If the US military and intelligence apparatus have really […]

Use Of FISA Warrants Jumps Under Obama

Anyone notice the major media screaming about the Obama administration violating the rights of Americans? The following Wired post was published on May 6th. So, far, all quiet on the moonbat front: Domestic Surveillance Court Approved All 1,506 Warrant Applications in 2010 The secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved all 1,506 government requests to electronically […]

Oh, Good: Obama Has Dashed “Jimmy Carter” Label

So says cheerleader Alexandra, sorry, Alexander Burns at The Politico So much for campaigning against Jimmy Carter. In the aftermath of Osama bin Laden’s death, Republicans are adjusting to a new political reality: with the bin Laden trump card now in President Barack Obama’s possession, it’s looking increasingly likely the 2012 campaign will ride on […]

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