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NMP Obama Calls For Civility As He Attacks GOP On Amnesty

I made the mistake of listening to part of Obama’s border speech today, ending with my decision to turn it off, since most of my Tweets about it included 4 letter words (including this goody). Anyhow, here’s how ye olde Associate Press characterized the campaign speech Obama Criticizes G.O.P. Position on Immigration In search of […]

If All You See…

…is a large number of Homo Sapiens using up Gaia’s resources, you might just be a Warmist

San Francisco Bound Airplane Disturbance Caused By….A Muslim!

Nothing to see, move along, we need to check the diapers of whitebread babies instead A man who was arrested after causing a disturbance on a San Francisco-bound American Airlines flight twice tried to open the cockpit door, the second time after a crew member told him that the restroom was to his left, a […]

Climate Change (Hoax) Could ‘Disrupt Wi-Fi And Power Supplies’

All because someone, probably the Scottish Skeptic, drove an SUV instead of walking 20 miles to work, causing the climate to do something and something else while doing another, therefore making it hot cold wet dry snowy icy, and now Climate change ‘could disrupt wi-fi and hit power supply’ Climate change will disrupt wi-fi connections, […]

Obama Is Back On The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bandwagon

Having solved all the other problems the nation faces, it’s apparently time to push shamnesty again. And he wants a civil debate President Obama is going to Texas on Tuesday to give an immigration speech in El Paso before raising money for his reelection in Austin. After he speaks at two Democratic National Committee events […]

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