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ACLU Has Hissy Fit Over Prom Breathalyzer Tests

Out in Washington, Lake Washington High School is considering (remember that word) making every student take a breathalyzer test prior to entering the prom. As Komo News points out “Close to 60 percent of all alcohol-related fatal car crashes happen during prom season.” Obviously, the ACLU has an issue with this attempt to keep kids […]

If All You See…

…is an evil iPhone polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases and using up vital resources (yet, you still use one), you might just be a Warmist

Oh, Good, The Obama Admin. Has Take “Unprecedented Steps” To Protect Us At The Pump

No, really, “unprecedented.” I think they are a bit too in love with words like that. Alas, if you thought those steps would bring down gas prices, afraid not. But, they have new window stickers, according to Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood This Administration has taken unprecedented steps to protect consumers at the gas pump.  In […]

57% Of Americans Think Electric Cars Suck

Apparently, Big Oil and Big Coal and Big Industry and other Big’s got to Americans with their “disinformation campaigns,” poisoning their minds with anti-Gaia propaganda or something Nearly six of 10 Americans — 57% — say they won’t buy an all-electric car no matter the price of gas, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. That’s […]

Federal Threats Shuts Down Texas Anti-Groping Bill

Apparently, federal workers are, in fact, above the law A threat from the federal government to shut down Texas airports or cancel flights may have killed legislation by Tea Party conservatives in the Texas Capitol to prohibit federal Transportation Security Agents from conducting “invasive searches.” “I don’t cave in to heavy handed threats by the […]

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