Oh, Good, The Obama Admin. Has Take “Unprecedented Steps” To Protect Us At The Pump

No, really, “unprecedented.” I think they are a bit too in love with words like that. Alas, if you thought those steps would bring down gas prices, afraid not. But, they have new window stickers, according to Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood

This Administration has taken unprecedented steps to protect consumers at the gas pump.  In March, the President announced a plan to reduce our oil imports by a third by 2025–leveraging domestic resources while reducing the oil we consume.  Since the beginning, this Administration has been making investments and taking smart steps that are already helping us move towards this important goal.  You can see it in our investment in alternative fuels and our support of electric vehicles–creating jobs while decreasing costs for consumers.

Most importantly, you can see it in the historic, national fuel economy standards for passenger cars and trucks achieved last year under President Obama’s leadership.

Today, I’m excited to join Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson in introducing new fuel economy labels that will empower car buyers with better information about what they will spend or save on fuel costs when looking to purchase a new vehicle. This is one part of President Obama’s plan to provide Americans with relief from high gas prices and break our dependence on foreign oil.

Unprecedented, historic, and exciting ….. labels. No, seriously. I did not pull this from The Onion. It is on the official White House blog (sadly) along with LaHood’s DOT blog.

Isn’t that great? We can find out the fuel economy AND greenhouse gas rating together! All at $3.70 a gallon. Guess they aren’t planning on any sort of fuel cost decrease.

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4 Responses to “Oh, Good, The Obama Admin. Has Take “Unprecedented Steps” To Protect Us At The Pump”

  1. captainfish says:

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t an average 24 mpg for this car… about average for all new vehicles?

    Thus, how can this car get you greater savings than the AVERAGE new vehicle?

    Also… We are now asked to only look at the AVG mpg of a vehicle? Do we do that? Or do we buy based on the type of driving that we do (city vs country)? And they make those city and highway numbers so small now. UGH.

    Heard also that the Secretary showed up in a vehicle that only gets 12 mpg.

    Also, Obama has cut oil imports, cut oil drilling, cut drilling permits, increased subsidies for non-preferred cars, … and they can claim that they are “decreasing costs”???!?!?

    And you can see the decreasing costs of fuel…. in labels. And … standards… for small crappy little cars that cost much more than regular cars?!?!!?

    This is one part of President Obama’s plan to provide Americans with relief from high gas prices and break our dependence on foreign oil.

    Ummmm… how can changing labels on new cars help decrease gas prices at the pump for the vehicle I drive now? How can increasing my taxes from subsidizing vehicles that no one drives on purpose, decreasing oil imports, decrease what I pay per gallon at the pump tomorrow?!?!!?

    How can reducing the supply of anything reduce the price?!!?!?!?

  2. None of that rationality matters, because we must Save Gaia!!!!!!!!!!!! or something, and then the warmists jump in their Hummers.

  3. captainfish says:

    But… but… but… what about all those precious rocks that are being incinerated right under our very feet? What about all those trees that have been murdered, ripped brutally apart, by the very storms we are trying to prevent? what about those innocent baby fish that are eaten by the predators we seek to protect? What about them Teach? There are millions of souls dying every second and you make jokes. You just think about those iguanas that froze to death in Florida the next time you feel like quipping!!

  4. Earl says:

    As we used to say in Ohio, “Cincinnati Round Steak!” [i.e., baloney]

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