San Francisco Bound Airplane Disturbance Caused By….A Muslim!

Nothing to see, move along, we need to check the diapers of whitebread babies instead

A man who was arrested after causing a disturbance on a San Francisco-bound American Airlines flight twice tried to open the cockpit door, the second time after a crew member told him that the restroom was to his left, a federal air marshal said in a court affidavit.

Rageh Al-Murisi, a California resident who was carrying a Yemeni passport, is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday on a charge of interfering with flight crew members and attendants. (snip)

Al-Murisi went toward the cockpit door about 20 minutes before the flight from Chicago was supposed to land, according to Howard’s affidavit. He was yelling unintelligibly as he brushed past a flight attendant, witnesses said.

I wonder what he was screaming?

Marty, 35, recalled Monday that she and other passengers on the plane were stunned when they saw Al-Murisi walking down the aisle. She said a woman in a row across from her who speaks Arabic interpreted that Al-Murisi said “God is Great!” in Arabic.

Wai, 27, also remembered on Monday that the wife of one of the men who took Al-Murisi down later said Al-Murisi was yelling the same: “Allahu Akbar.”

But, he’s a happy guy who isn’t particularly religious or political, and has only been on planes 3 previous times.

Well, doesn’t everyone yell “God Is Great” before heading to the lavatory?

The Associate Press calls it a “disturbance”. More at: Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, The Gateway Pundit, Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch and Doug Ross

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3 Responses to “San Francisco Bound Airplane Disturbance Caused By….A Muslim!”

  1. captainfish says:

    And THE BLAZE has video of it.

    Yeah, nothing to see here. Move along.
    I guess his branch of al-Queda has not gotten the memo that the doors are now steel and locked during flight.

    Must suck being from a 3rd world country where you can’t get 10 year old news.
    and then not know how to get educated once you do make it to America.

    And we are living in fear and sucking up to these people? It is these people that we are afraid of offending? And it is these people we are defending instead of the airline pilots? We are congratulating these kinds of people while investigating and suing our soldiers, and jailing our border patrol.

    And we wonder why our kids are stupid these days.

  2. david7134 says:

    This clearly shows that we need to toughen up the TSA. They are not doing enough searches of old women, children, and non-Muslims. If we hired more agents, then we could double or triple the number of non-Mulims, Anglo-Saxons who are inconvienced and had their 4th amendment rights stamped on. But imagine how “safe” we would feel and we could most definitely make sure that those who adhere to Islam would not feel put upon. In fact, we should randomly grab a few 80 year olds and throw them in prison so that our Yemen friend does not feel like he is being discriminated against. Then, like Shumer has suggested, lets search and abuse those who use the rails. In fact, lets stop cars and search anyone who looks like he is trying to get to work, those are the ones who we really have to watch.

  3. Trish says:

    The media ought to be sued for negligence.
    I am tired of the stories we know, being shocking news to people when I have a conversation. I always ask, what news DO you hear? And often it’s MSNBC, or local affiliates of ABC, NBC, and CBS. What decent reporter is willing to forgo a story for PC? None sholud, which leads me to think that they’ve been indoctrinated so far left in college, they know not what fact is nor do they care to investigate to discover truth. F them.

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