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Thursday Rule 5 Christmas

Just getting in the Christmas spirit. I hope you’ll forgive me. If you want to see a real hotty, head to The Other McCain. You’d never forgive me if I didn’t hook you up.

Christmas In Britain Could Be Cancelled Due To Winter Global Warming

From UK’s Metro Festivities are facing a white-out with the return of snow next week and Arctic conditions set to continue beyond the 25th. It means drivers are being warned not to travel in the run-up to Christmas, when millions hit the roads to visit relatives or to do last-minute shopping. Chaos across the transport […]

Senate Punts On Their DREAM Act Version, Will Consider House Version

The Senate just voted 59-40 to table their version of the DREAM Act, in favor of taking up the House version passed late Wednesday. More when the MSM publishes. Oh, and hey, the House just voted and said they will not consider the tax package. Breaking at CBS News, no story yet.

Liberals Want Sex Industry To Go Green And “Ethical”

That’s what the moonbats at Grist want to know. After a long, long, long recitation of all the evils in Big Sex (you just know they’ll have to call it that soon), they come up with Individuals selling sex to others is, of course, just a small part of the sex economy. Far from being […]

Snap! Chinese Firm Could Get $450 Million In Stimulus Money

Hey, imagine what could be done with $450 million dollars if given to Americans. 90 million $5 meals at a fast food joint. 15 million coats for those in need during this cold winter. Every citizen in the US could buy two candy bars. Or, we could just give it away to China Top Democratic […]

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