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How About Some More Tips For Riding Your Bike To Stop Climate Change?

Today’s Da Funny comes from Treehugger, which seemed to have forgotten that 2010 was supposedly the hottest year ever! More Tips For Riding Your Bike All Winter Brendan Kennedy of the Star has some terrific tips for winter biking that go beyond borrowing a balaclava from an anarchist friend. Major riding tips include riding more […]

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like “Green” Gifts

Obviously, gifts are not the reason for the season, yet, they are part of what happens, so, why not give your friends, loved ones, coworkers, and employees gifts which will elicit the same response as if you gave them socks? Over at Grist, Ask Umbra is asked what great 11th hour gifts are. We end […]

NY Times Shocked To Learn There Could Be Years Of Wrangling Over ObamaCare

Seriously, around eight months ago, who would have thought there would be legal challenges to legislation that the majority of Americans hated overall, and found constitutional issues in? The Times is shocked, shocked, I tell you! By contradicting two prior opinions, Monday’s court ruling in Virginia against the Obama health care law highlighted both the […]

Liberals, Ruining Childhood One Step At A Time

Come on, we know that this lady must lean way to the left PARENTS should not lie to their children about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, but instead let them in on the secret, an Australian writer claims. Dr Joanne Faulkner, a Sydney academic, says children can still enjoy the magic of […]

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