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Oh, Great, Now We Have To Worry About Sea Scorpions

Well, not really, I just thought this was a pretty cool article. I love this kind of nature stuff Experiments by a team of researchers in New York and New Jersey have generated evidence that questions the common belief that the pterygotid eurypterids (“sea scorpions”) were high-level predators in the Paleozoic oceans. This group, which […]

Rule 5 Monday: The Snow Storm Mirrors “The Day After Tomorrow”

Your daily alarmist silliness Snow storm mirrors ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Well not quite, but the severe weather hitting the US east coast feels like a mega ice storm to the likes of a mini ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ As the earth’s climate changes more rapidly than scientists can currently predict, severe weather and harsh […]

Double Snap! Obama To Spend Even Less Time In Washington

The more things change the more they stay the same But top adviser Valerie Jarrett said Obama will take a different approach to governing in the new year, spending more time mixing and mingling with the public. In an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Jarrett said Obama is concerned that he’s spending too much […]

Why, Yes, All This Snow And Cold Is Caused By Manmade Global Warming (Part Lots)

Ever get the feeling that dealing with climate alarmists is like dealing with people with Alzheimer’s? That is not to make fun or light of people who suffer from this debilitating disease, I’m sure plenty of us know people who have had it (like, one of my grandfathers). It is simply to compare what happens, […]

Snap! The Hill Says Obama And The Democrats Job Creation Policies Rock!

Vicki Needham is working hard to provide cover for the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats, who just got whacked during the 2010 mid-term Job creation is happening at a faster rate than during previous recessions, more good news for the White House and congressional Democrats who have spent the past two years defending their policies […]

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