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Majority Of Americans Want FCC To Keep Hands Off Internet

Obviously, this means that Democrats will do exactly the opposite of what the American people want American voters believe free market competition will protect Internet users more than government regulation and fear that regulation will be used to push a political agenda. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 21% of Likely […]

EPA To Begin Regulating GHGs On January 2nd

Unelected bureaucrats pushed by a child-president are taking action Jan. 2 isn’t just your ordinary Sunday. It’s the day the Obama administration will officially start regulating greenhouse gas emissions, and critics have issued dire predictions of economic destruction. With all the fiery rhetoric about how damaging the regulations could be, the White House is under […]

Lot’s Of People In Prison? Must Be The Fault Of Republicans

And The Nevada View doesn’t mean that in a good way Nevada faces budget problems and the answers being touted by conservatives aim only to serve a self-defeating purpose for our state. As social services are being cut under Republican policy decisions, we have been and will be seeing a rise in overall costs to […]

Good News! Blizzards & Blustery Wind Don’t Mean Global Warming Is Fake

Just when you thought we couldn’t Discover more globull warming idiocy, Treehugger, a subsidiary of The Discovery Channel, proves us wrong. Time for some more climaheimers (like Alzheimers, but for climate alarmists. This is where they forget everything a Realist has told them, and the Realists have to explain it yet again) Blizzards & Blustery […]

Snap! Chris Matthews Finally Gets On The Birtherism Bandwagon

Obviously, it’s just like a liberal to get involved in an issue two years after it started. Of course, Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie opened this can of worms up again, saying he would find a way to release the long form Obama birth certificate (psst: all Obama has to do is pay a few bucks […]

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