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If You Like Your Doctor, You Can…Oh, Hell, He Plans To Retire?

The law of idiotintended consequences smacks ObamaCare with the cold dead mackerel of reality. Yet again Now a Merritt Hawkins survey of 2,379 doctors for the Physicians Foundation completed in August has vindicated our poll. It found that 40% of doctors said they would “retire, seek a nonclinical job in health care, or seek a […]

Manatees Dying In Unprecedented Numbers Thanks To GHG Caused Cold

Actually, this is sad An unprecedented number of manatees have died in 2010 according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The Commission says cold weather is to blame for many of these deaths. 668 manatees have died this year to date and 244 of those deaths were attributed to cold stress. 65 manatees were […]

AGW Today: Pee Before You Fly To Save Gaia

Not that long in the past, someone like Alison Gannet would be treated as a nut and a kook. Now, people listen breathlessly Actually, the 45-year-old extreme freeskier from Colorado has given up heli-skiing and her snowmobile. She also photo documents glacier change on her ski trips around the planet. …the woman Outside Magazine named […]

Tis’ The Season For Liberals To Go Nuts Over Nativity Scenes

For people who say they are all about freedom and expression and tolerance, they sure show none, especially during the Christmas season A nativity scene that has been sitting in front of the Franklin County Courthouse for more than 50 years is under fire from an atheist group. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation is […]

New Research Shows That Conservatives Are Independent, Liberals Sheeple

A bit of fluff for a Friday morning It goes without saying that conservatives and liberals don’t see the world in the same way. Now, research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests that is exactly, and quite literally, the case. In a new study, UNL researchers measured both liberals’ and conservatives’ reaction to “gaze cues” […]

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