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Let’s All Get a Tattoo For Globull Warming

Yeah, I know I’ve been writing a lot more than usual about AGW, but, hey, when the pickings are so good, gotta go with it. Case in point I never thought I would be the kind of guy who gets a tattoo. I thought tattoos were for bikers and the kind of woman my mom […]

Why, Yes, A Charlie Brown Christmas Is Now An Eco-Message

Along with other movies: 11 Best Holiday Movies and Their Subtle Green Messages (Slideshow) You might not realize it when you watch them again and again year after year, but some classic holiday films are sending messages above and beyond ‘don’t be a Scrooge.’ If you look a little closer at these 11 great films […]

Aside: Hot Air On 2nd Amendment

Hot Air: Breyer: Madison wrote 2nd Amendment to appease the states

Aside: Right Wing News On Michael Steele

Right Wing News: Michael Steele Made The Right Call

Aside: Conservatives4Palin On HaitiGate

Conservatives4Palin: Hair-Gate II – Bristol Palin Adjusts Her Mother’s Hair-Clip

Aside: Nice Deb On Palin Running For President

Nice Deb: This Is Exactly Why I Don’t Want Sarah To Run

Push For ObamaCare Repeal Remains High As Constitutional Ruling Should Come Today

They told us that the longer ObamaCare was around, the more people would love it. Au, contraire Time doesn’t seem to be winning the new national health care law any more friends. Most voters have favored repeal of the law every week since it was passed and support for repeal has now inched up to […]

Obviously, Denial Of Globull Warming Is Like Denial Of Hitler

I’m tempted to use the malodorous phrase “jumping the shark”, a phrase I detest, for this next bit of climaidiocy, yet, the climate change hoax has continued on long after Happy Days finally ended beyond the Fonzie jumps the shark episode, and Happy Days wasn’t broadcasting idiocy daily. Case in point In 1933 Winston Churchill […]

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