Daily Archives: December 18, 2010

Oh, Noes, Climate Change Could Create Hybrid Species

Brought to you by the word “could” Shrinking ice sheets in the Arctic Ocean could be promoting breeding between different species, creating hybrid whales and bears, according to a paper published on Thursday in the journal Nature. “Could be.” This isn’t science, it’s simply conjecture. As global temperatures rise, scientists have noted that sea ice […]

AGW Irony Today: Guess What Got Called Off Due To Global Warming Snow?

No, no, guess first. Don’t skip to to the excerpt. Guess. Hey! No peeking! OK, ready? VAL D’ISERE, France — The women’s World Cup super-G in Val d’Isere has been called off due to heavy snowfall. Heavy snow fell overnight and continued into Friday morning. Organizers had hoped to hold the race in the afternoon […]

ABC News Explains What The Tax Cuts Extension Means

In Reality World, the article would be extraordinarily short, with the full text reading something like What do the Obama tax cuts extensions mean for you? Nothing. Nothing is changing. Thanks for stopping by ABC News. And, yes, ABC News did actually entitle the article the “Obama tax cuts extension” at some point. Check the […]

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