Daily Archives: December 4, 2010

Washington Post Destroys “Fair Game” Weeks After It Tanks

You remember the movie “Fair Game”, right? No? Well, I guess it was kinda hard to miss, since it was released November 5th, and immediately tanked. Worldwide, it has made a whopping $12 million, with a production cost of $22 million. That earns it a big #FAIL tag. Yet, almost a month later, the Washington […]

Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ummmmmmm, bacon Read the whole story with recipe here.

Poor Countries Whining They Are Excluded From Exotic Cancun Climate Talks

Poor little babies, can’t get in on all the moolah and the awesome buffets The UN climate negotiations are weighted heavily against the poorest countries, who cannot send delegates to key meetings, often do not understand what is being said and are unable keep up with the decisions being taken in their name, a report […]

CNN Takes A Stab At Why There’s Really No Job Recovery

Surprisingly, Bush was not mentioned. Instead, they find a different villain The problem with bringing down the stubbornly high unemployment rate is that employers are learning to do more with less. Employers still aren’t hiring enough. Just look at November’s disappointing employment report, which barely eked out a gain in jobs. Or better yet, look […]

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