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Apparently, Expensive, Large, And Waging War Is Not “Green”

Treehugger brings Da Funny, with a post entitled What Can This 300 Year Old French Fortress Tell Us About Green Architecture? These days it seems that every new building is being billed as green: LEED certifications and new technologies that limit the environmental impact of lighting, water use, heating and air conditioning abound. But on […]

Oh, Noes, Nina Totenberg Went To A “Christmas Party”

“I was at – forgive the expression – a Christmas party.“ Liberal NPR journalist Nina Totenberg, on Inside Washington this weekend. Can we assume that Nina will not be taking an extra day off this week, will work Saturday, and will take no holiday pay? Newsbusters has the full story. More at

Global Warming Disrupts European Travel

You know what? If globull warming can create snow, then I say that global cooling can create hot weather Thousands of flights and train services have been cancelled across Europe because of snow and ice, leaving many travellers stranded. Few flights were leaving London Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport, and one third of flights were cancelled […]

Obamonomy: Companies Look More Towards Temporary Jobs

The good news is, there are some jobs out there. The bad news is they are simply temporary/contractor positions Temporary workers are starting to look, well, not so temporary. Despite a surge this year in short-term hiring, many American businesses are still skittish about making those jobs permanent, raising concerns among workers and some labor […]

Dreaming Of A Green Christmas: Present Wrapping, Plastic Bags, Greenest Retailers

And the hit parade of eco-nuts doing their best to ruin Christmas – well, really, they try and ruin every day – continues. First up If a group of Watsonville environmentalists have their way, the newspaper you read today will be under a Christmas tree next Saturday. No, they’re not asking you to give your […]

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