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That’s What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown

Snow And Ice Means The AGW Debate Is Over….For Realists

Yet another True Believer chimes in, bringing Da Funny Snow in the South, ice gain in Antarctica and scientists seemingly fudging climate data: Is the global warming debate over? Definitely. … But skeptics aren’t on the winning side. Global warming nay-sayers have gleefully seized on recent scandals and misinterpreted data to bolster their collection of […]

Ted Kennedy’s Dog Splash Passes On….Wait, Splash?

Mary Jo Kopenchne is unavailable for comment The late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s dog, Splash, who was the star of a children’s book about Capitol Hill, has died. Kennedy’s widow, Vicki, announced his death in an e-mail Thursday. She calls the 13-year-old Portuguese water dog “a world-class fetcher of tennis balls and a meeter and greeter […]

CFLs: Why Do Climate Alarmists Hate Women And Children?

It’s been mentioned many times before, the dangers of mercury in compact fluorescent light bulbs. And here’s more ENERGY-saving light bulbs were at the centre of a fresh health scare last night after researchers claimed they can release potentially harmful amounts of mercury if broken. Levels of toxic vapour around smashed eco-bulbs were up to […]

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