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Hump Day Rule 5

Senate Debating DREAM Act, House May Do Same Late This Afternoon

Michelle Malkin did her usual wonderful job in pre-covering the DREAM Act in the Senate today, which should vote soon (they’re voting on whether to start work on a bill that allows public safety workers to unionize at the moment), and points to this THE 10-YEAR WORK PERMITS FOR PEOPLE WHO DO NOT QUALIFY 1. […]

Things That Are Growing: Glaciers And Ted Turner’s Hypocrisy

You could just imagine some people at the UN building screaming and gnashing their, having to be physically held back, over this release Cancun climate change summit: glaciers increasing despite climate change Glaciers in many parts of the world are increasing, according to a new United Nations report, despite climate change. Glaciers have grown in […]

Hey, Good News, States See Some Revenue Growth. Bad News: Everything Else

I due truly love the spin from the LA Times: States’ budget picture is brightening – But many continue to face deficits. Tax revenues are rising but demand for social services remains high, and there won’t be a batch of federal stimulus money this year. Interesting. They destroy their own headline with the sub. Then […]

Could “Developing” Countries Be Paid To Not Cut Their Trees Down?

Remember when developing countries were referred to as third world rat holes, er, countries? And how they have been “developing” for going on 20-30 years? Countries where many of the peasants need to cut down trees in order to survive? And the countries use the trees to continue “developing”? Well, now For years, policymakers and […]

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