Daily Archives: December 29, 2010

Alarmists Work Hard To Annoy Penguins For Climate Hysteria

Seriously, what did these little bastards do to be put in time-out? I do find it hilarious that all these eco-kook climate alarmists, who say we should treat Mother Nature with respect and deference, are constantly annoying the animals on their home turf Though the Adelie penguin is numerous—with more than five million individuals stretched […]

Wed Awesome! A Star Wars Media Room

A break from the norm, and some Star Wars Awesome The force is strong with this couple. Two computer programmers who claim to not be crazy Star Wars fanatics built a home theater modeled after Darth Vader’s destroyer vessel in The Empire Strikes Back. Kim Howett, 41, and her husband, Jim, 43, said they have […]

Snowmageddons Do Not Mean The End Of Globull Warming

Remember the time when the climate alarmists would disappear during the winter time, because it was hard to push their pet cult while snow fell from the skies and cold temps rocked the land? Apparently, that has all ended, as the alarmists continue to spin away Barry Hunt, an honorary research fellow at the CSIRO’s […]

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