Wed Awesome! A Star Wars Media Room

A break from the norm, and some Star Wars Awesome

The force is strong with this couple.

Two computer programmers who claim to not be crazy Star Wars fanatics built a home theater modeled after Darth Vader’s destroyer vessel in The Empire Strikes Back.

Kim Howett, 41, and her husband, Jim, 43, said they have loved Star Wars since the first movie came out in 1977. They began designing their home around the Star Wars themed theater in 2006, which was completed last year. And they never seem to get tired of watching a video in the theater — which they call a “subtle reference” to their favorite movie series.

Make sure you check the link for the full details and picture goodness.

And, yes, my living room does have many beach style things, such as window covers with palm trees and a fake parrot hanging from the ceiling in the corner. Hey, I grew up at the beach.

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4 Responses to “Wed Awesome! A Star Wars Media Room”

  1. captainfish says:

    Wow. Someone is doing well in this economy. They have a Media Room AND a Billiard Room. I think I have a closet. But, those paintings are awesome. Hooray for them.

    Too bad Obama thinks they have earned too much and will soon take those rooms from them and spread those room around to those who don’t have homes.

  2. I’m wondering if that is actually Rusty from The Jawa Report 🙂

  3. mojo says:

    Apparently, God found a new way to tell people “you’re making too much money”…

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