Alarmists Work Hard To Annoy Penguins For Climate Hysteria

Seriously, what did these little bastards do to be put in time-out? I do find it hilarious that all these eco-kook climate alarmists, who say we should treat Mother Nature with respect and deference, are constantly annoying the animals on their home turf

Though the Adelie penguin is numerous—with more than five million individuals stretched across 38 colonies—their native habitat is changing rapidly. To keep track of how the birds are handling this change, scientists have built a special scale.

Their native habitat is changing from barren wasteland snow covered to…..wait, it’s not changing? It’s still barren wasteland snow covered? And getting colder and expanding on most of the massive continent?

Using a corral system, penguins are herded onto the platform, where their weight can be measured. Keeping track of penguins’ weight gives researchers a clue as to how much—or little—they’re eating.

They don’t look like happy little campers, do they? In their tiny brains (still more power than the average climate alarmist, though), their probably wondering why they have to do this, instead of, you know, getting food. And they want revenge

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7 Responses to “Alarmists Work Hard To Annoy Penguins For Climate Hysteria”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach you do seem to be getting a bit hysterical yourself there. And Teach penguins get their food from the sea.not from the “barren wasteland” Climate change is happening to a much larger extent in the northern hemisphere where 90% of the humans live.

  2. Bah. Not only is climate always changing; you warmistas refuse to concede that evidence against your theory is even possible. That makes it an article of faith — and thanks, but I’ve already got one.

  3. mojo says:

    Penguins don’t live in Antarctica, they breed there. A whole different thing. For one thing, there’s no food. So they mostly don’t eat while breeding.

    They wait until they get home – the ocean.

  4. MRPKW says:

    You can also tell how they weigh by shooting and eating them.

  5. It appears to be a cute little video and I would watch it in turn, but for personal reasons I can not allow sites that post auto-play audios and videos.

    Please let me know if you change your policy so I can put you back of my (semiautomatic) “Must Read list.

  6. That’s a rare autoplay vid that I posted, Larry. I usually avoid them, or bury them under a “more” tag.

  7. captainfish says:

    As you can tell by the vid too… that corral and scale actually scares the penguins altering their pattern.

    Which oddly enough is the same argument that enviro-wackos and climaheimers claim the 2 story tall oil pipeline have upon Alaska’s caribou. Yet, they are more than happy to actively alter the penguins travel routes, construct cattle guards and scary platforms for the penguins to walk through…..

    but.. goose v gander

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