Daily Archives: December 22, 2010

Waterways Now Bad For Globull Warming: Guess Who’s To Blame?

What’s your guess? Rivers may be a significant source of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide, scientists now find. Their calculation suggests that across the globe the waterways contribute three times the amount of nitrous oxide to the atmosphere as had been estimated by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations scientific body […]

Treehugger: Is The Harsh UK Winter Just Weather, Or Climate Change?

You can tell what they think, without even writing it The UK has been battered by a miserable snow storm: the worst since 1910. Airports have been closed since Saturday, people were marooned in their cars on the highway for hours and the line-up for the Paris-bound Eurostar was around the block. But was this […]

With Census Out And Democrat States Losing Badly, Obviously, Moonbats Want “Change”

By now, you all know about the outcome of the Census, that marvelous job creator of the Stimulus bill…..what, it’s required by the Constitution?……well, anyhow, Dave Weigel has a nice little breakdown of which states lose House seats and which ones gain them. Northern Democrat stronghold seats are the biggest hit, and, let’s not forget […]

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