Daily Archives: December 17, 2010

Obama Replaces Hillary With Solid Gold Dancers

Damn, I dated myself a bit with that reference. Anyhow, the latest on Obama’s smart diplomacy WASHINGTON: The US government said Wednesday it will send US dance companies in 2012 to east and south central Asia as well as to the Middle East and Africa to act as American cultural ambassadors. “Tours are slated to […]

Let’s Celebrate Green Christmas By Using Reusable Bags!

I wonder if they are made in China and are full of lead? Holiday shoppers in L.A. County are being asked to shun paper and plastic Thursday during the fourth-annual “Day Without a Bag,” when “Green Santas” and their elves will be giving away free reusable totes. Volunteers will hand out 25,000 reusable bags at […]

Climate Alarmists Love Solar So Much That They Have To Stop It

How many times have I mentioned that climate alarmists are continuously talking about the need for alternative energy sources, yet, when push comes to shove, they’ll go and attempt to block any construction of solar, wind and hydrothermal energy plants? They’ll protest, gnash their teeth, file lawsuits, and be general pains in the rear end. […]

Snap! Obama’s Making Work Pay Credit Could Hose 13 Million Taxpayers

See, there really is a good reason to not only read the bill, but understand what the heck is in it, and what it actually does About 13.4 million taxpayers may be getting unexpected tax bills because they were awarded too much money under President Barack Obama’s Making Work Pay tax credit, a government audit […]

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