Snow And Ice Means The AGW Debate Is Over….For Realists

Yet another True Believer chimes in, bringing Da Funny

Snow in the South, ice gain in Antarctica and scientists seemingly fudging climate data: Is the global warming debate over? Definitely.

… But skeptics aren’t on the winning side. Global warming nay-sayers have gleefully seized on recent scandals and misinterpreted data to bolster their collection of arguments, but there are these pesky things called facts that keep getting in the way of their agenda.

How do you respond to that impassioned neighbor, cranky uncle or annoying cocktail party guest who uses sunspots, Al Gore‘s supposed greed and a limited grasp of climate science to claim that global warming isn’t really happening? Presenting the Top 10 global warming denier arguments, and the facts that thoroughly debunk them.

What the True Believers don’t get is that it is not global warming that we don’t believe in, it’s that we do not believe that it is mostly or solely caused by Mankind’s release of greenhouse gases. The climate changes. We could be headed for a little downturn, as happened from the 40’s to the 70’s. We could be headed for a little ice age. Heck, the Earth is overdue for another ice age. Or, the temps could spike up, and resemble the Global Climate Optimum. Time will tell.

Anyhow, warmist Stephanie Rogers provides said top 10, long on alarmist talking points, short on reality, have a good laugh reading them, but, she forgot one:

Most of the leaders and disciples of Global Warming rarely follow the lifestyle the espouse for everyone else.

Answer that one, Stef Stef.

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One Response to “Snow And Ice Means The AGW Debate Is Over….For Realists”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Ahhh Teach by “realists” do you mean those people who believe that the Earth is only 6000 years old? By “Realists” do you mean the anti-science people who do not believe in evolution? By “realists” do you mean those deniers that believe the moon landings were faked? Because there are a CORE or people who all deny that which most (97%) scientists accept as fact. Yes there are some “scientists” who think that Noah somehow got T-Rex onto his Ark, but MOST don’t.

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