Why, Yes, A Charlie Brown Christmas Is Now An Eco-Message

Along with other movies: 11 Best Holiday Movies and Their Subtle Green Messages (Slideshow)

You might not realize it when you watch them again and again year after year, but some classic holiday films are sending messages above and beyond ‘don’t be a Scrooge.’

If you look a little closer at these 11 great films — from “Gremlins” to “A Christmas Carol” — you’ll see subtle green messages on invasive species, over-the-top electricity usage, public transportation and more.

The article uses a screenshot from A Charlie Brown Christmas, with a link to a Youtube video (I’m glad they didn’t use mine (BTW, yes, I was the first to create a video of the scene where Linus tells us what Christmas is all about, originally on MSN’s Soapbox because Youtube deleted it. Now back on Youtube). Is there nothing the eco-wackos’s won’t ruin and take for their own idiotic purposes?

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7 Responses to “Why, Yes, A Charlie Brown Christmas Is Now An Eco-Message”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Wait a sec here…..

    On their review of “A Christmas Carol,” the TreeHuggers write: And while Scrooge is more concerned with his health and happiness than with the environment, the last-act epiphany that turns him into someone who cares about others is exactly the kind of wake-up call that inspires people to save the Earth for future generations.

    Of course Scrooge is concerned with the environment. That is what makes him….. well…. Scrooge.

    Before the ghosts visit him, Scrooge is happy with using a small amount of coal for warmth in his own home and his shop. Clearly not polluting the air with CO2 from burned coal must be environmentally sound, right?

    Before the ghosts visit him, Scrooge doesn’t believe in massive Christmas dinners. It is only after he is visited does he purchase the large turkey which is clearly anti-environment because of the way turkeys are farmed, not to mention the fact that large meals contribute to obesity. (Ask Michelle Obama.)

    Before the ghosts visit him, we see the benefits of government run health care for Tiny Tim. It is only after the ghosts visit him that Tiny Tim is taken care of by the Scrooge who now understands that it is people, and not the government, that take care of each other.

    The pre-ghost Scrooge is exactly what leftist and environmentalists want the world to be.

    It it only after the ghosts visit Scrooge that we see the true happiness that charity from the individual and enjoying the fruits of his labor bring.

    And one last thing….. the ghosts themselves are not government workers or else they never would have completed the visit in one night. Government workers would have taken at least a year to bring Scrooge around to the truth, and even they would have made an appearance only after filing an environmental impact statement to visit the living.

    (And if leftists had their way, the Ghost of Christmas Future would have had to register his scythe as a weapon.)

  2. John Ryan says:

    Charles Schultz self identified as a “secular humanist”

  3. You’re making way too much sense, GT.

    Nice spin, John.

  4. […]  I had forgotten how very sweet and touching this scene is. See the video below and then go by Pirate’s Cove to see how environmental whackos are trying to take credit for Charlie Brown’s environmental awareness – or something […]

  5. William, I had forgotten all about this video. I just posted it and linked you. About environmental whackos, if Schultz was sending a subtle message with a bevy of Christmas lights, I think he did it to add color and to identify the season. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it:-)

  6. Trish says:

    OMG- gitarcarver that is perfect! My Christmas came early this year!

  7. […] to William Teach at Pirate’s Cove for the video. tweetmeme_style = […]

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