EPA To Begin Regulating GHGs On January 2nd

Unelected bureaucrats pushed by a child-president are taking action

Jan. 2 isn’t just your ordinary Sunday.

It’s the day the Obama administration will officially start regulating greenhouse gas emissions, and critics have issued dire predictions of economic destruction.

With all the fiery rhetoric about how damaging the regulations could be, the White House is under pressure to fulfill its pledge to tackle climate change while avoiding the appearance that it’s hindering job growth.

Obviously, some people have a problem with this, including the GOP, many Democrats, people who provide jobs, average Americans, and, as soon as they realize it, Progressives, who laud these types of regulations, right up to when they affect themselves and raise their cost of living.

“The Clean Air Act is a tool,” EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said in an October interview. “It’s not the optimal tool, but it can be used, and in fact, I’m legally obligated now to use it.”

And she’s refuted the horror stories from EPA’s critics. “The rules that we’ve put forth so far have been smart sensible rules,” she said. “Major regulations are always met — are often met — with doom-and-gloom dire predictions of economic ruin, and there is no history to bear that out.”

When a government bureauweenie starts yammering on about “smart and sensible rules”, be concerned, because smart and sensible means something totally different in Government World. We’ve seen how well these “smart and sensible rules” have worked on economies, such as those in Europe and Japan.

In some states, where they aren’t immediately able to regulate greenhouse gases under their own permitting programs, EPA plans to step in until they can revise their state laws or regulations. The agency is also planning to take over greenhouse gas permitting indefinitely in Texas, where state officials have staunchly refused to get in line with the Obama administration’s climate policy.

10th Amendment lawsuits coming? I’d say so. And, really, this is not that bad of an idea from the Obama admin, at least politically. Instead of looking to enact much of their agenda, the GOP will be forced right off the bat in fighting this expansion of power by the EPA and Executive Branch.

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3 Responses to “EPA To Begin Regulating GHGs On January 2nd”

  1. David says:

    It is estimated that gas will be $5.00 per gallon in a short time. This is thanks to the big O. I can’t imagine the effect it will have on the economy. But then he will say that the economy is in the tank because of his being forced to keep taxes low.

  2. captainfish says:

    Why the miserable doom-gloom. Mother USSA is here to provide. Do not worry. Nothing kan go wrong bekause the bestest and brightest are in charge. For your well-being.

    Now, if you choose to not be kared for by Mother USSA, then that goes against the grain and kreates a dangerous strain upon your neighbors. That will not be tolerated. For the benefit of all, Mother USSA will “step in and revise” their thinking until they kan think correktly on their own.

    So what if your prices necessarily skyrocket like Mother USSA’s glorious rocket program, the karegivers in Mother USSA will help provide for you. All you need to do is kome down to your lokal Mother USSA Government and Retraining Facility, stand in line for 3 days, and then sign up.

    Mother USSA will care for you. Mother USSA cares for all.

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