Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like “Green” Gifts

Obviously, gifts are not the reason for the season, yet, they are part of what happens, so, why not give your friends, loved ones, coworkers, and employees gifts which will elicit the same response as if you gave them socks?

Over at Grist, Ask Umbra is asked what great 11th hour gifts are. We end up with

If you want to give an object, here are some sustainable suggestions, but you’ll need to order fast. As I’ve written before, online shopping merrily saves many metric tons of C02, according to the Department of Energy. But do try to avoid overnight shipping, as fast flying is a fossil fuel furnace.

Umbra then lists great *yawn* gifts you can give to make people go “thaaaaaaanks” the same way they would if you gave them deoderant for Christmas. Wait, am I allowed to write “Christmas” when writing about unhinged leftist climate alarmists?

Then we have 5 green gifts for your employees. I especially enjoy the “eco friendly tote bags”

Mobile Edge makes a line of eco-friendly bags in a variety of designs and colors, with prices starting around $50. The bags are made from corn stalks or all-natural cotton.

Huh what? Starting at $50? Seriously? How do I get in on this bit of eco-robbery? I’m seriously going to have to work on some designs for my Cafepress account, try and sell some eco-style products to gullible alarmists.

And then there are eco-friendly tech gifts for the green tech geeks. And green stocking stuffers. And don’t forget to have a Green Christmas

Hooray, it’s Christmas: the time of year that brings smiles to faces as gifts are opened on Christmas morning.

Oh no, it’s Christmas: Western consumerism’s annual feeding frenzy, generating sales, revenues and GDP – plus junk, trash and emissions.

If you want your Christmas to be better for your wallet, your community and your planet, here are a few ideas to help.

First think Reduce, Reuse

Personally, I think “will the person actually like the gift, or, am I wasting my money on a ‘green’ gift that will end up in a landfill by the end of the week.” Is there nothing that these greeny weenies won’t attempt to ruin?

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4 Responses to “Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like “Green” Gifts”

  1. Trish says:

    I agree- as long as they come in amounts greater than say, a twenty.

  2. mojo says:

    While you’re selling your eco-friendly $50 sacks, be sure to include some eco-friendly E. Coli contamination, gratis.

  3. captainfish says:

    I dunno about you guys, but if my employer were to give me an empty sack for Christmas, I’d really start getting worried about my future career status at that point.

    But, hey, at least you could sell that sack to help put gas in your tank as you drive to find another job.

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