Christmas In Britain Could Be Cancelled Due To Winter Global Warming

From UK’s Metro

Festivities are facing a white-out with the return of snow next week and Arctic conditions set to continue beyond the 25th.

It means drivers are being warned not to travel in the run-up to Christmas, when millions hit the roads to visit relatives or to do last-minute shopping.

Chaos across the transport network could mean gifts sent through the post do not arrive in time and shops will run low on food and other essentials.

AA spokesman Gavin Hill-Smith said: ‘If it is really treacherous then people may well have to delay travelling and have their Christmas the following week. Safety comes first.’

The earliest widespread wintry blast for 17 years has already crippled the transport network and claimed at least 13 lives.

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4 Responses to “Christmas In Britain Could Be Cancelled Due To Winter Global Warming”

  1. John Ryan says:

    gee it is like the climate changed over there.

  2. John Ryan says:

    why is this significant ? Is the UK a large fraction of the planet ? Are you trying to suggest that this may be the beginning of the long promised GLOBAL COOLING ?

  3. gitarcarver says:

    why is this significant ?


    It has the same significance as you previously pointing out how hot it was in Tampa Florida.

    Small minded people like yourself just turn away from any evidence that contradicts their pet theories. You want to use local events to “prove” AGW, but when a local event shows the fallacy of your position, you run like a child into the night.

  4. What I’m suggesting, John, is that your pet cult’s theory is full of it. We were told that winters would get more mild, we’d no longer get snow (remember this: ?), etc and so on. Yet, despite CO2 continuing to go up, we are having yet another harsh winter. Enough so that you guys are digging to say that warming causes cold and snow and ice, which, if you were really interested in science, you’d realize that that is complete poppycock.

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