AGW Today: Study Points Out Democrats Are Major League Dupes

Al Reuters finally gets around to mentioning a global warming attitudes study, and finds something funny

Democrats are not only more prone to think that global warming is happening but they are also much more apt to worry about it than independents and Republicans.

As theaccompanying graphsshow, 81 percent of Democrats think global warming is happening, compared to 57 percent of independents and 47 percent of Republicans.

When asked what is causing the Earth to warm, 68 percent of Democrats attributed it to human activities, while 51 percent of independents and 33 percent of Republicans had that same response.

A third section of the newly released numbers reveals that 78 percent of Democrats are very or somewhat worried about global warming. That compares to 52 percent of independents and 32 percent of Republicans.

That’s easily explained. Democrats have to have something to demonize and worry about. It’s what they live for. Blaming natural processes wouldn’t give them their opportunity to pitch a snit fit, and, wouldn’t give them the chance to not only attempt to control people, companies, and the economy, but, redistribute other people’s money, particularly into their own pockets.

Also, Democrats are complete sheep, who prefer to just follow what their leaders tell them, without thought, regardless of the fact that their leaders are complete climate hypocrites. But, really, Democrats worries really do not lead them to actually change their behavior, because in Liberal World, it is about intentions, not results. And they too can soon play a game on their computers (which are bad for the climate, ya know)

The world’s politicians have, so far, done a perfectly crap job of dealing with climate change. The bold promises of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, which led to the creation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), have yet to be fulfilled. Kyoto Protocol or no Kyoto Protocol, global carbon emissions keep on rising. The globe is getting steadily hotter. Species of animals and plants keep going extinct. The shift towards a cleaner, greener energy supply is happening far too slowly. And there’s little expectation that the UN climate change summit in Cancun at the end of the year will turn things around.

But maybe you can do a better job! That’s the challenge game designers Red Redemption are laying down. They’re coming out with a new PC game (with a Mac version to follow soon) called, not very subtly, Fate of the World. The global strategy game puts players in charge of a World Trade Organization-style global body that has the task responding to rapid climate change and pushing the world towards cleaner energy.

Isn’t that awesome? Climate alarmists can pretend to actually Do Something, without actually Doing Something.

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4 Responses to “AGW Today: Study Points Out Democrats Are Major League Dupes”

  1. David says:

    Are you aware that a recent study found that liberals/progressives/communist have been found to have a genetic defect? I have not seen the study myself, but it has been reported on the radio (conservative sites). Will likely have to take the time to look it up. This seems likely. If we can say that people are born into homosexuality, then we can also say that people are inclined to illogical thinking and an inability to assimilate information.

  2. mojo says:

    Ah, the “recent studies” ploy. A classic.

  3. captainfish says:

    Funny that getting hotter meme. Hasn’t it been getting colder for the last 10 years?

    I mean, we are going to be near freezing during the nights this weekend in OK. That hasn’t happened in like forever.

    I know it is just a weather report, but would be interesting to hear from the rest of you guys how your weekends turn out.

  4. Getting colder is because of greenhouse gases changing the weather patterns and shifting our climate, or something insane and unscientific like that.

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