Daily Archives: October 19, 2010

Fish Wrap Whines About A “Tax Cut Nobody Heard Of”

Yet another of a long line of “in kind” campaign contributions from the NY Times. Shocker In a troubling sign for Democrats as they head into the midterm elections, their signature tax cut of the past two years, which decreased income taxes by up to $400 a year for individuals and $800 for married couples, […]

AGW Today: Aliens, Infrastructure, And Despair

Let’s start in reverse order, shall we? The Washington Post’s Andrew Freeman starts us off with despair Now a new poll released by Yale University late last week found that 52 percent of Americans would fail a climate change test, and that only 50 percent of those who think global warming is happening think it […]

An Obama Endorsement May Not Be The Kiss Of Death, But, It Sure Has Cooties!

It would really be great if all the Democrats looked to Obama for an endorsement, have him stump for them, maybe do a radio ad. It’ll make the Republicans win even more seats On a list of six prominent Democratic and Republican politicians, voters rank President Obama as the one who carries the most weight […]

The Politico: The Rich Defending Not Being Taxed Out The Ying Yang Is “Whiny” And “Upsetting”

Personally, I’ll never understand the liberal doctrine to punish people for doing well, instead of applauding them and incentivizing them to pump that money back into the private sector, creating jobs and wealth down the food chain. Alas, it is not to be President Barack Obama plans to raise taxes on “the rich,” and he […]

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