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Say, Remember All That Whining From Canada About Treating Jihadis Meanly?

Remember how they complained about the rule of law, not treating jihadis with respect, Guantanamo, wanted Bush and Cheney arrested, human rights, and so on (funny how their complaints about Iraq disappeared as soon as Obama was elected)? Well, so much for that Canadian suspects of serious crimes do not have a constitutional right to […]

Friday Afternoon Motivation

Ezra Klein’s Prescription For Lost Government Jobs Is…..

Ezra Klein has a snit fit The good news: The private sector gained 64,000 jobs in September. The bad news? The public sector lost 159,000. And they weren’t all census jobs, either. Local governments fired 76,000 workers. In other words, this is the first jobs report in recent months that isn’t driven by census layoffs. […]

Aside: No Sheeples Here Has The Photoshop Of The Day

No Sheeples Here: Photoshop of the day

Aside: Cassy Fiano On Slackers Getting Naked

Cassy Fiano: Slackers Get Naked For ObamaCare

Aside: Nice Deb With A Link Roundup

Nice Deb: Thursday Link Round-up

Aside: RS McCain And The Krystal Ball Mashup

The Other McCain: Krystal Ball Campaign Ad Mashup

Beef Industry Speaks Out On EPA “Dust” Rule – Say Goodbye To The Industry

Several months ago, the EPA made it known that they were considering regulating dust from farms. Dust. Something that really can’t be stopped without drastic, and costly, measures. Measures that would not raise your prices from American farms. Oh, no. Because the American farms would cease to operate. The National Association of Wheat Growers has […]

Obama And Democrats Continue Assault On Chamber Of Commerce

Remember the good old days, when politicians followed the spirit of the 1st Amendment, and did not attack private entities who used their God given right to criticize the government without fear of reprisal? That was the point of the 1st Amendment, both in spirit, and that “Congress will pass no law……” Enter the modern […]

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