Daily Archives: October 7, 2010

Harry Reid Could Use Some Viagra For His Campaign After This Ad

Think that one will resonate with voters? Of course, the liberals will probably call it dirty, mean spirited, the same old same old talking points. Which has always amazed me. It’s “mean” to talk about someone’s voting record? Anyhow The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Nevada Voters shows Angle hitting the 50% mark […]

Good News! BP Spill Money Used For Stress Line

Hey, how else are all the little tofu eating grasshopers going to pick up their self esteem? A toll-free helpline has been set up for people who need help from behavioral healthcare professionals in the wake of the BP oil spill. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has set up the oil spill […]

Even The San Francisco Chronicle Notices What An AGW Hypocrite Al Gore Is

The SF Chronicle has today published an editorial, which, of course, is the “feeling of the paper itself,” discussing how the latest climate change bill, the one proposed by Kerry, Lieberman, and Graham, melted down, based on the”As the World Burns, How the Senate and White House missed their best chance to deal with climate […]

New Democrat Campaign Issues: Abortion And Campaign Donations

Just a few weeks left, and some Democrats are running on ObamaCare, the Stimulus, and their massive spending. Just kidding Republicans have won points with many voters by promising a conservative overhaul of taxes and spending, but Democrats are working hard in the closing weeks of the campaign to convince voters that a conservative social […]

Uh, Oh, More Stuff On O’Donnell…Wait, They’re Of A Democrat? Never Mind

A little mental exercise, folks: consider that the person in the below pictures was a Republican. Would they and the story be all over the media, instead of just a few outlets and blogs?  From NBC 12 in Richmond (WWBT) She wasn’t very well-known until about six hours ago, now a Virginia woman running for […]

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