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Gibbs States Reporters Should Ask About Obama’s Donors

It looks like the White House is not going to let go of the Chamber of Commerce smear, something that is making many Democrats very nervous. Here’s Gibbs at the Tuesday PC Gibbs was asked if it bothered him that several news organizations, from the New York Times to the Associated Press and also FactCheck.org, […]

Gulf Drilling Moratorium To Be Lifted

What’s the catch? The Obama administration is lifting the six-month moratorium on deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico imposed after the BP oil spill, officials said Tuesday. The Interior Department scheduled a 1 p.m. news conference in which Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is to “discuss the current suspensions on deepwater drilling,” the Interior […]

Joe Manchin, Democrat Senate Candidate, Blasts Climate Change Bill. Literally

Remember when Democrats pretended to run as Conservatives during the 2006 election? Now we have Joe Manchin, who is acting like a TEA Partier Democratic Senate candidate Joe Manchin isn’t letting that kerfuffle over Sarah Palin’s political crosshairs deter his 2nd-Amendment enthusiasm. In a new ad, the West Virginia Governor touts his NRA endorsement, and […]

Obama Stumps For Joe Klein (D-Fla), Klein Hides

It seems as if the story about the accusation that the US Chamber Of Commerce is using foreign money for ads is gaining even more legs, though, the majority of the media is shooting the Obama/Dem talking point down. Anyone else besides me getting the feeling that it is simply a distraction from discussing the […]

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