Daily Archives: October 30, 2010

Democrats Losing Swing Voters

Things are just sucking all over for Dems The Democrats’ final push to woo undecided voters appears to have fizzled, potentially putting dozens of competitive House races beyond reach and undermining the party’s chances in at least four toss-up Senate seats, according to party strategists and officials. Independents, a crucial swing bloc, seem to be […]

AGW Insanity Today……Well, Insanity

Your daily dose of climate loony tunes. Paul Rogat Loeb is concerned about the “Republicans war on reality,” which is a real hoot considering the liberals belief that 9/11 was an inside job, Bush stole the election, socialist economies are great, government health care won’t lead to rationing, etc and so on On the side […]

Shocker! Americans Prefer Tax Cuts Over Government Spending

Yet another blow to the Keynesian theory of economic management. Of course, the American public has had since late 2008 to watch what happens when the government goes ballistic with spending, and seen how well that hasn’t worked When faced with a budget crisis, most Americans think “it’s always better to cut taxes than to […]

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