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From The Department Of “This Could All End In Tears”

Sooner or later, the bears are going to get wise The 40-year-old wife, mother of two and Oregon Zoo keeper since 1995 is living in a Tundra Buggy observing Ursus maritimus and studying climate science along the shore of Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada. Hash is among 15 zookeepers from across the United States and […]

Snap! One Nation Working Together Draws 800,000 (PS: Obama Blows Rally Off)

Late afternoon update: One Nation (fail) has their own estimate One Nation spokeswoman Denise Gray-Felder estimated the crowd at between 175,000 and 200,000 people — fewer than the 300,000 to 500,000 claimed by Beck for his rally. Oops. Still NO overhead shots available at any of the media outlets. Mid-afternoon update: here’s the best photo I […]

Chumps Weekly Address Finally Address Jobs, Greenie Ones Which Don’t Exist Yet

Don’t worry, though, he slammed some people. Just not the ones he thought Over the past twenty months, we’ve been fighting not just to create more jobs today, but to rebuild our economy on a stronger foundation.  Our future as a nation depends on making sure that the jobs and industries of the 21st century […]

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