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Think Progress Freaks Over “Foreign” Chamber Donators, But Forgets Something

Here’s the latest Think Progress moonbattery We documented three different ways the Chamber fundraises from foreign corporations: (1) An internal fundraising program called “Business Councils” used to solicit direct, largely foreign contributions to the Chamber, (2) Direct contributions from foreign multinationals like BP, Siemens, and Shell Oil, and (3) From the Chamber’s network of AmCham […]

Obama Admin Dumps Transparency On Illegal Who Killed A Nun

I know, I know, you’re shocked that the Obama administration would keep things secret, after all those calls for transparency prior to actually winning in 2008. Add one more bit of secrecy to the pile The Obama administration will not release the results of an investigation into why an illegal immigrant with two drunken-driving convictions […]

GOP Beating Dems In 8 Of 10 Open House Seats

Not shocking, really. What are the Democrat candidates going to say “I support Obama and Pelosi and their America destroying agenda?” Actually, what they are doing is what most other Dems are doing: running away from Obama and Pelosi and everything they stand for. So, voters say “why vote for a wishy washy fake Republican, […]

EPA Set To Greenlight Use Of Ethanol 15 This Week

You’ll remember that I mentioned, back on September 21st, that the EPA was considering greenlight the use of 15% ethanol gasoline, and the confusion it would create. Looks like they do not care, they’re on a mission from Gaia The Obama administration plans to allow higher levels of ethanol for gasoline used by newer cars, […]

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