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Media Up In Arms Over “Brutal” “Head Stomping”

Don’t misunderstand, I do not condone what happened to MoveOn.org professional leftist agitator Lauren Valle (who happens to be charged with a felony last May). But, this was not brutal, as far left rag writer Joshua Green posits MoveOn Supporter Brutally Attacked by Rand Paul Supporter And it was not a stomping. Yest, the guy […]

Let’s All Go Veggan For AGW……WTF Is That?

OK, OK, the story at Treehugger is not about global warming climate change global climate disruption OMG THE EARTH IS GOING TO BURN!!!!!!!, but, hey, supposedly we all need to go vegetarian in order to save Gaia from man induced greenhouse gases. Yeah, no thanks Apparently, that is Chantrelle Risotto, which I believe is Italian […]

Apparently, Watching To Make Sure There’s Reduced Voter Fraud Is Bad…

When it is conservative groups doing it, that is There are always concerns about voter fraud on Election Day, but this year many new groups are popping up to keep an eye on the polls. That, in turn, has some people worried that legitimate voters will be intimidated and discouraged from voting. Along with all […]

Lost In The Shuffle, GOP Could Make Big Gains In State Legislatures

This MSNBC/AP article focuses on the consequences of GOP state control vis a vis the upcoming redistricting, which could turn nasty, particularly with several states, including New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and several other Northern states, losing Congressional House seats, moved to mostly Southern states. Lost in the redistricting shuffle (which all of a sudden […]

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