Daily Archives: October 16, 2010

Rule 5: What Say To Gender Neutral Nudity Laws?

Is this the kind of law we can all get, ahem, in front of? In Katherine Gundelfinger’s view, women should have “equal access to sunshine.’’ That means being able to walk or bike shirtless through downtown, or bathe at Onota Lake wearing only a pair of bikini bottoms. “Here I am, a grown woman, who […]

Palin Says Democrats Live On A Unicorn Ranch In Fantasyland

Love her or hate her, she always brings some of the best money quotes. Speaking in San Jose, Ca., Thursday, she offered up this little tid bit The speech was breezy, frequently self-deprecating and full of Palin’s unique imagery: She dismissed longtime office-holders like Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown and Sen. Barbara Boxer as leaders […]

Snap! AGW Will Destroy Our Cities

Just when you thought you had heard all the nuttiness and insanity from the global climate disruption fools, well, remember, this is AGW, a cult, and they will never run out of wild accusations EARTH is starting to crumble under the strain of climate change. Over the last decade, rock avalanches and landslides have become […]

Obama Says Picking Biden Was His Single Best Decision. Really?

Things that make you slap your forehead At a Wilmington rally for Democratic Delaware Senate candidate Chris Coons today, President Obama laid to rest any remaining speculation that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden might switch jobs in 2012, telling a packed crowd in Biden’s home state that his choice of vice president was “the single […]

Hey, Cool, A Mention By The NY Times!

Well, this is pretty sweet, my post on “Which Party Is More Extremist?” rated a mention, and a pretty good one, in the Times’ Opinionator section. Now, how do I translate that into cash?

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