Daily Archives: October 18, 2010

Sarah Palin’s Talking Cajones – Wait, What?

Now, this is funny. And inventive: Sarah Palin Has Balls — Big, Plushy, Pink Ones Sarah Palin recently expressed her desire for President Barack Obama to grow a pair of “cojones.” Now, one quirky toy company is making sure the outspoken politician has a portable pair of her own. While her sassy statement may have […]

North Carolina Teen Will Plead Guilty Over Bomb Threats

Hey, do you remember Ashton Lundeby? He was the Oxford teen arrested for calling in bomb threats to schools across the country for money? And how many media outlets, including Raleigh TV station WRAL, ran with the “he was arrested under the EVIL Patriot Act” meme? And so many Lefties ate it up? Even after […]

Fish Wrap Has A Snit Fit Over GOP Climate Deniers

And when I say the NY Times, I mean the paper itself, as the editorial board offers up consensus Former Vice President Dick Cheney has to be smiling. With one exception, none of the Republicans running for the Senate — including the 20 or so with a serious chance of winning — accept the scientific […]

Queen Nancy To Blame Bush, As Democrat Party Implodes

Could someone change the tape in Cyborg Nancy’s chassis? It’s stuck in a loop With her party down in the polls and poised to lose potentially dozens of seats in the mid terms, Speaker Nancy Pelosi will use one of her last major speeches before the elections to hit two favorite Democratic targets: George W. […]

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