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Wacky Wasserman Shultz (D-Flaky) Calls Rand Paul A Misogynist

If I did drugs (which I don’t, I barely even drink), I’d want some of what Debbie Wasserman Shultz is mainlining Down in the polls and running out of time in the Kentucky Senate race, Democrats are broadening their attack over the alleged “Aqua Buddha” prank from Republican Rand Paul’s college days, saying it shows […]

Yet Another Pathetic DNC Attack On Private Enterprise

Naturally, this is standard Democrat/Liberal/Progressive boiler plate. They always have to have some entity to attack. It certainly appears as if hope and change resembles fear and loathing on the way to epic Congressional losses.

Obama Plays Race-baiter In Chief During Neverending Campaign Stop

Where’s Al Gore to scream “he played on our fears!” when we need him. This seems to be from the same campaign appearance I mentioned earlier today, but, I thought it deserved a new post, rather than simply updating the other one But a sore throat didn’t stop Obama from launching a sharp, 30-minute defense […]

Global Climate Disruption Hits Yorkshire Early

The latest proof that the Cult of AGW is correct that greenhouse gases released by Mankind will kill us all Snow fell as far south as Yorkshire as drivers were stranded in cars following blizzards in Scotland as winter came early to Britain. Early snow covered parts of Aberdeenshire, the Cairngorms and Shetland – as […]

Obama Heckler Escorted Out Of Hopey Changey Campaign Rally

Let’s see: Democrats had a snit fit about an unhinged blogger being handcuffed by Joe Miller’s security after get violent, yet, I see nothing from them about a lady simply exercising her 1st Amendment Rights. Don’t question the Messiah At one point Wednesday, a heckler who shouted “Liar!” as Obama delivered his speech was escorted […]

Democrats Using Typical Tactics, Calling Republicans Stupid

If Democrats are just so much smarter than everyone else, particularly Republicans/Conservatives, then why has the economy been in such dismal shape despite the recession being over (supposedly) for well over a year? Why has the unemployment rate continued to hover in the 9% range? Why have they been unable to get their message out […]

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