Global Climate Disruption Hits Yorkshire Early

The latest proof that the Cult of AGW is correct that greenhouse gases released by Mankind will kill us all

Snow fell as far south as Yorkshire as drivers were stranded in cars following blizzards in Scotland as winter came early to Britain.

Early snow covered parts of Aberdeenshire, the Cairngorms and Shetland – as well as the Pennines.

A number of drivers needed police assistance after getting stuck on the B974 at Cairn o’Mount, near Aberdeen.

And come Friday, they will deal with very high winds and downpours.

Meanwhile, globull warming may cause a world wide drought. And devastating floods.

Do you want to meet the new poster child for AGW?

Along with the polar bear, Glacier National Park’s vanishing ice masses have long been the most startling example of climate change’s devastating environmental effects.

But the potential for a small, nondescript bug to be listed under the federal Endangered Species Act may create a new poster child for the global phenomenon – the mist forest fly.

Uh huh. That should get everyone, especially the alarmists, to give up their high CO2 lifestyles. Perhaps James Cameron will match his actions to his rhetoric.

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2 Responses to “Global Climate Disruption Hits Yorkshire Early”

  1. John Ryan says:

    is this the GLOBAL COOLING that we were promised ? Teach is this at all a significant event ? And exactly how much COLDER was this than normal? I hope you DO remember that the huge snowfall in DC last year happened when the temps were NORMALand not BELOW NORMAL for that time of the year. In fact rememebr the lesson about the Interior of Alaska being a desert ? as it meets the common definition of receiving less than 10″ of rain? Part of the reason that happens is because it is TOO COLD to snow. It snows heaviest when the temp is close to 32 F not -32F

  2. captainfish says:

    Don’t forget the snows lately in New England and especially Mt Washington.

    Yeah, and judges wanted Obama to declare the growing polar bear population to be endangered.

    I’m sorry, but I have never understood why we are protecting insects, slugs, mites, moths, puddle-shrimp, etc.

    If greenies are so huge believers in Evolution and Adaptation, then shouldn’t these things be allowed to die since they couldn’t adapt to the changing environment?

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