Even The San Francisco Chronicle Notices What An AGW Hypocrite Al Gore Is

The SF Chronicle has today published an editorial, which, of course, is the “feeling of the paper itself,” discussing how the latest climate change bill, the one proposed by Kerry, Lieberman, and Graham, melted down, based on the”As the World Burns, How the Senate and White House missed their best chance to deal with climate change” by Ryan Lizza in the New Yorker. The original article, of course, shows the politics behind the legislation, and what went wrong. The legislation was basically a lose lose for the American people. Sure, it would allow things like more oil drilling and nuclear power, at least on the surface. Good luck getting those permits in reality. It would create a carbon tax, which wouldn’t be called a carbon tax. It also cut deals all over the place, deals that would mean higher costs to the American population.

Here’s where it gets interesting, though

Lizza asked Al Gore what the former vice president thought tanked the bill. Gore cited GOP partisanship, the recession and an “unhealthy level” of special-interest influence.

Gore’s too modest. He deserves some of the credit too. Gore has warned that global warming will cause the sea to rise 20 feet and that the next generation could live a decade without winter. Yet Gore and his co-believers don’t act as if they believe their own schtick.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus and author Bjorn Lomborg have challenged Gore to a debate. He won’t bite. If the health of the planet really were at stake, you would think Gore could give up an hour or two to argue his case.

After all, Gore found time to fly to the U.N. climate change conference in Copenhagen last year so that he and other true believers could talk to each other about the evils of greenhouse gases. Then-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Prince Charles arrived in separate private planes.

When the big shot proponents of a doomsday scenario won’t get a handle on their own emissions, they shouldn’t expect their D.C. cohorts to spew out anything heavier than hot air.

And that is the climate alarmist movement in a nutshell. The leaders fail to live the lives they tell everyone else to live. Purchasing carbon offsets just doesn’t cut it. And this trickles down to all the Disciples Of Gore, who want everyone else to change their lives in a big way, just not themselves. Do As I Say, Not As I Do. “I can’t give up my big SUV, I have work, gotta take the kids to soccer, and drive to Al Gore rallies. Those other people should have to drive a micro-mobile.”

And then Gore flies off to Trinidad and Tobago, for “An Evening With Al Gore” on November 4th. Tickets run from $275 (USD) for general seating to $550. He is supposedly getting a speakers fee of $150,000. Climate alarmism has been good to Al.

But, not all alarmists do nothing. Some do their tiny, minuscule, itty bitty part to have no impact on the environment by making jewelry from recycled beads! I congratulate them for finding another way to suck the money from other alarmists pockets.

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6 Responses to “Even The San Francisco Chronicle Notices What An AGW Hypocrite Al Gore Is”

  1. David says:

    I have been thinking that one good way to counter these rich guys with their liberal attitudes would be to push back. The push would be a special “rich tax”. Gore, Buffet, Gates, Soros are all interested in us paying more in taxes and having to sacrifice for their idiotic notions. So lets push for a tax, or seizure if you want to call it that. Lets say that a man only needs about $10 million or less and that any money or assest above that number has to be surrendered to the government. This is not a new idea, Huey Long tried it in the 30’s.

    The purpose of this is not that it would get passed, or even come close. But it would, hopefully, put the pressure of these “elite” and make them feel the stress that we get with there feeling that we should pay for their wild schemes and be “fair”.

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  3. captainfish says:

    David, I dunno about that. It would start to scare off alot of Conservative rich. I say, we enact a voluntary bill that allows them to increase their taxes for 10 years, at a rate of 50% of their net income. These taxes would go into a special collection that would pay for the solar and wind farms on federal property by the federal government. These new electrical plants would then be turned over to a semi-private company to run, much like the TVA or BPA.

    Let’s see how many throw their hat in to the ring for sake of the planet.

    Other than that tax, no other monies will be allocated towards wind or solar energy production. Instead, previous subsidies will be diverted to restarting our nuclear power program.

  4. Rose says:

    Jammie Wearing Fool has another new AWARD-WINNING Ad from the environmentalists – a little girl about 3-5 yrs old, with a rope around her neck and standing on a melting block of ice.
    Add that to the video of blowing children up in the classroom for the sake of the environment.

    Same news cycle as the ad for the little girl says EPA says if they follow all stringent measures closely, they can lower Earth’s Temp by 0.00015% of ONE DEGREE in ONE HUNDRED YEARS.

    Too bad for them – they cannot do the same for Hell fires. They cannot take a drink of water with them, there, either.

  5. David says:

    You obviously did not grow up in the 50’s. The points is that this is a game of “chicken”. Remeber where two cars run at each other and on blinks. The tax would never, ever pass. It didn’t have a chance in the 30’s when Long wanted it. In fact, some think that Long was assacinated by FDR as a result of some of this.

    But the point would be to push back at the liberals and their desire to tax. Let them show their true colors.

  6. captainfish says:

    Oh, yeah David, I know.
    I’m just thinking that it be taken a step further. Actually enact a law that allows people to voluntarily save the planet, and then be obligated for 10 years.

    Something tells me that not one of the liberal wheenies would voluntarily sign up to save the planet on their own. Michael R wouldn’t even do it.

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