Say, Remember All That Whining From Canada About Treating Jihadis Meanly?

Remember how they complained about the rule of law, not treating jihadis with respect, Guantanamo, wanted Bush and Cheney arrested, human rights, and so on (funny how their complaints about Iraq disappeared as soon as Obama was elected)? Well, so much for that

Canadian suspects of serious crimes do not have a constitutional right to have a lawyer present during questioning by authorities, the Supreme Court of Canada said today.

In three decisions released Friday, a sharply divided court ruled on a suspect’s right to have counsel, specifically whether the Charter’s right to counsel extends beyond being able to call and talk to a lawyer after being arrested.

In the central case, the court ruled 5-4 that Canadians have no right to have a lawyer sit in during an interrogation.

Someone call the International Criminal Court!

But, they gave us hockey, so, never mind.

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One Response to “Say, Remember All That Whining From Canada About Treating Jihadis Meanly?”

  1. proof says:

    You have the right to remain silent, eh?
    Wait a minute! Never mind!

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