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Oh, For (Blanks) Sake. Even Barry’s Thanksgiving Email Is About Him

I was planning on ignoring politics and stuff for the rest of the day through Thanksgiving. I haven’t looked at my feedreader, avoided looking at Climate Depot and Google News, as well as all the other sites and blogs I frequent. Alas, an email from President Neophyte through Organizing For AmeriKa (wait, weren’t they the […]

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Jobs And Landmines

I couldn’t decide which story I liked better, so, how about both, starting with George W. Obama and landmines? The Obama administration has decided not to sign an international convention banning land mines. State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said Tuesday that the administration recently completed a review and decided not to change the Bush-era policy. […]

Woah! AP Prints Reality About Point Of Copenhagen AGW Nuttiness

Someone was seriously drunk at the Associated Press to allow this bit of reality leak into the narrative Next month’s climate summit in Copenhagen seeks to transform the way we run the planet, from the generation of energy, to the building of homes and cities, to the shaping of the landscape. It would also shift […]

Kentucky Census Worker Officially Comitted Suicide, The Left Completely Pwnd

OK, all you lefties who blamed the death of the Kentucky census worker on TEA Parties, right wing extremists, etc, time for you to suck it up and say you were wrong, and we will be generous enough to accept your apologies A Kentucky census worker found hanging from a tree with the word “fed” […]

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Obama To Hold Another Prime Timer To Explain Our Afghanistan Strategy To Islamic Extremists

It’s about darned time that Obama has made a decision regarding Afghanistan. According to McClatchy, Barry will send 34,000 troops to Afghanistan, far below the number General McCrystal has requested. So, he finally has his strategy, but, you will just have to wait for it, peeps President Obama has conducted a final meeting on his […]

Know Why The FAA Computers Went Down? Nuclear Attack

Yes, it is time for an insane story! Russian Space Forces are reporting today that the United States Air Force has shot down a 1 Kiloton nuclear armed cruise missile targeting the Denver International Airport in the State of Colorado that was fired from an as yet ‘unidentified’ aircraft able to penetrate the North American […]

About That “AGW Is Causing A 1 1/2 Inch Sea Rise” Talking Point

Apparently, the Talking Points went out in the last day or so, perhaps in an attempt to deflect attention away from the CRU emails and documents Since the 1997 international accord to fight global warming, climate change has worsened and accelerated — beyond some of the grimmest of warnings made back then. So, what the […]

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