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Socialized Medicine: 70 Dead, Filthy, Blood-Spattered, Lazy

A view of what’s to come if Democrats get their way with single payer Dozens of patients died needlessly as a result of filthy conditions in an NHS hospital, a shocking report said last night. Appalling nursing care in Basildon University Hospital contributed to a mortality rate that was more than a third higher than […]

It’s Black Friday. What’s Happening? (20 Images)

Today’s Girly Man Whine Courtesy Of E.J. Dionne, Jr.

If it’s Thanksgiving, must be just another day to whine about how meanly Barry Obama is being treated It’s now official: So in vogue are attacks on President Obama that even his proclamation calling the nation to a day of Thanksgiving has become the focus of criticism. Presidential Thanksgiving messages are a routine bit of […]

Is Cap And Trade Actually Dead?

The notion that global warming is caused by Mankind is certainly dead after ClimateGate, followed by the issues in New Zealand, and surely more to come. Scientists of all stripes, along with members of the media and academia, are feeling much freer this year to speak their minds and publish their dissent. Climate alarmists are […]

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