Daily Archives: November 6, 2009

ACORN Office Raided In New Orleans

I’m sure this was all just prompted by those crazy folks in the Vast Right Wing Conspriacy, just doing their level best to keep the man down. Oh, and surely, they are all raaaaacists to boot Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has served a search warrant at the ACORN office at 2609 Canal Street, according to […]

Who’s Awesome? You’re Awesome!

Is The NY Times Painting A Picture Of Corzine, Or Obama?

The Fish Wrap Of Record is still spinning away at why Corzine lost New Jersey, one of the Bluest of Blue states, trying to blame it on Corzine’s short-comings and it having nothing to do with Obama, despite Barry’s numerous visits to the state, but, inadverdently makes an interesting point: Unlucky and Aloof, Corzine Fell […]

Dems Pushing For Saturday Health Destruction Vote, Throw Out Bribes

Obama and The Donkeys is perhaps the worst band ever. Never have so many been so tone deaf. Lead singer Nancy Pelosi is pushing them over the edge, refusing to listen to her audience from poll after poll stating that they do not like her 1,900+ piece. Nor does she listen to any of the […]

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