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Obama Gives A Shout Out Prior To Faking Being Somber Over Ft. Hood Murders

Drew M at Ace of Spades Linda Chavez calls it Obama’s My Pet Goat Moment. I think she’s wrong since the media is editing it down to cut the opening lines out. I don’t think this is a My Pet Goat moment, unless Linda means one which is going to be taken totally out of […]

GOP Health CARE Place Rated Awesome By CBO

Unshockingly, it isn’t a plan that will bankrupt the country The Congressional Budget Office Wednesday night released its cost analysis of the Republican health care plan and found that it would reduce health care premiums and cut the deficit by $68 billion over ten years. The Republican plan does not call for a government insurance […]

Thirsty Thursday (21 Images)

AGW Today: Rent Clothes To Save The World!

If belief in man caused global warming is a religion, it is a really silly one. I suspect that if Monty Python were still doing skits, they would have a tough time attempting to make a joke out of the global warming more than the Disciples Of Gore already do Large wardrobes of seldom-used clothes […]

Lindsay Graham (Still) Has Issues With Being Conservative

Quite frankly, one of the last people in the Republican Party who should be discussing the direction of the Republican Party is old Mr. Amnesty himself The morning after Republicans lost an upstate New York House seat, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned that conservative activists will bring destruction to the Republican Party if they drive […]

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